Recover, Rebuild, and Re-Imagine

The Covid-19 Arts Working Group (CAWG), a collaboration of 15 foundations and an anonymous private donor in the Pittsburgh metro area, announces the Arts I Equity I Reimagined Fund, in response to the unprecedented and ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the region’s arts and cultural sector. The fund is intended to foster collective action and identify creative solutions to operating challenges as nonprofit arts organizations navigate these uncertain times. While the fund is open to all arts and cultural organizations, in recognition of long-standing disparities in funding, it will prioritize small to medium-sized arts organizations and those that serve or are led by historically marginalized communities in southwestern Pennsylvania, whether they be urban or rural in location. Explore this website for detailed information about the Fund and how to apply.

Capacity Building Assistance

This program is designed to quickly respond to requests to gain the skills or concrete strategies needed to address COVID-19 related challenges. Open to nonprofit arts organizations or sponsored projects at $2.5 million or less in budget.

Collective Action for

This program seeks ideas that employ new, novel, and innovative ways of working together to address the dramatic shifts that have been instigated by the COVID-19 crisis, and that also address opportunities and solutions to reposition the sector for a more sustainable and equitable future. Open to any size nonprofit arts organization or project.

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